Amazing Mr. J- Magic Card Trick: “If you feel LOVE’s not ‘IN THE CARDS’ for YOU, remember…CARDS can CHANGE!”

Amazing Mr. J- Magic with Cards & Cash:

Amazing Mr. J REVIEW (for Adults and Kids):  Rebekah Higgs, Canada’s DIY MOM! (Handy Woman/Entrepreneur/TV Personality)

Amazing Mr. J REVIEW (for Adults and Kids):  DAVE CARROLL (‘United Breaks Guitars’ singer, Award-Winning Musician/Speaker/Author)

Magic for ZZ TOP! “Give this Man a Big Hand!”- Billy Gibbons, ZZ Top Lead singer:
ZZ TOP, upon seeing their Magic Balloon tribute from the stage: “Give this Man a beer! Give him SIX! Let’s get him a DOZEN!”

Country FX 101.9 FM Radio, The Amazing Mr. J on “MJ’s HEROES!” with MJ Finnamore & Frankie Hollywood:

CBC RADIO: The Amazing Mr. J meets BIG BIRD & OSCAR the GROUCH (Caroll Spinney), with balloons and Magic for his retirement!

CBC TV: Can The Amazing Mr. J contact the Spirit of HOUDINI? Live Magic performance and Houdini Séance, Hallowe’en Night, atop Citadel Hill in Halifax!

BACK to The FUTURE MAGIC SHOW! Parkinson’s Fund-Raiser, in Honour of Michael J. Fox (Cat Country 99.5 FM Radio)

HOCKEY DAY IN CANADA: The Amazing Mr. J, ON STAGE, with Ron MacLean & Don Cherry!

Magic and tribute for Taw Connors, Son of STOMPIN’ TOM CONNORS!

MORE MAGIC FUN! (Tricks & skits for all ages, all occasions)

Fireside Magic:
Magician in the Kitchen:
Christmas Magic:
Happy New Year:
Happy Robbie Burns Day:
Happy Valentine’s Day:
Happy St. Patrick’s Day:
Happy Mother’s Day:
Mr. J & Mr. Meanie- Valentine’s Spirit:
Mr. J & Angus- Dinner Time:

Dummy Night in Canada #1:
Dummy Night in Canada #2:
Dummy Night in Canada #3:
Dummy Night in Canada #4:
Dummy Night in Canada #5:
Dummy Night in Canada #6:
Dummy Night in Canada #7:

Magic Solution to the Rubik’s Cube:
Magic, Music, & Oreo Cookies:

The Amazing
   Mr. J ON

⭐️***MAJOR IMPORTANT UPDATE!***⭐️‼️Reports of Mr. J's "retirement" have been greatly exaggerated! 😋​ 🎩🪄‼️Of course, yesterday was April 1st.🤡Hence, a gag post about "packing it in"...that was April Foolishness!😜(See the hashtags at the end of that post #AprilFools). 🤡🤡🤡Looks like YOURS TRULY might be the FOOL, though🤪🤡🤪...since after that post, the entire day yesterday‼️ was then spent reassuring folks that Mr. J isn't going anywhere...the Magic is still going strong!❤️🎩🪄💪⭐️STILL AVAILABLE for YOUR Magic Birthday Parties, House Parties for Adults, Corporate Events, Schools, Campgrounds, Malls, Weddings, Fund-Raisers, and MORE!😃🎊🎉🎂🥳👍Those of you who ⭐️Fantastic Folks⭐️ who thought it was legit: Feeling touched by a tidal wave of overwhelmingly kind "retirement well-wishes" truly moved my heart.🥰☺️Rest assured, the Best is yet to come! New Magic tricks, new prizes...Much More MAGIC in the future!🤗😄🎩🪄⭐️You know, 2024 is already been the biggest year yet- looking forward to bringing the fun to YOU!🙏⚡️👍So to be clear: Still going strong!🎆💪Mr. J doesn't even know the meaning of that word...what is it again?🤔❓️"Reeeee-tire-ment??⁉️" Pfft!😅😅❤️THANK YOU SO MUCH❤️for all your deeply kind words, though! You made me wish for a second that was legit!😋🤭Planning a Party? Make it MAGIC!⭐️🎩🪄👍#AprilFools #TheJokesOnMe! #StillGoing!#Magic #AllAges #AllOccasions ... See MoreSee Less
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⭐️😲😮🤔Breaking news/Special Announcement⭐️: Thank you so much for 25 Magical Years (1999-2024).🎩🪄 Travelling nationwide to entertain for children's birthdays, adult events, and (favourite of all) fund-raisers for many of you fantastic folks, has been the fulfillment of a lifelong ambition.🥰 You can only imagine my deepest, most heartfelt gratitude for your support all these years.🙏You have made me feel lucky beyond words.🍀It's been said that everyone must know when to take a final bow, and to leave the stage.😌🥲As you can see in the attached pictures, the animals🕊🐇🐰 have been pretty wild and restless lately (‼️), so that was the first sign. Secondly, the rigors of travel🥺...spent virtually all of March on the road, performing in every corner and far away alcove you can imagine.🫠 Wonderful fun, though the schedule catches up with you.😐Having experienced some recent bookings literally for the children of folks who saw me as children themselves when first starting (❗️), felt it was time to finally pack it in. Time to explore other projects...first, a yoga🧘‍♂️ and meditation 🙏 retreat, and then specifically, writing some longtime planned books. 📚You know, 25 years, and 5000+ shows, is a good run. 🤗❤️So, with a contented, gratitude-filled sigh, and a rather heavy heart, announcing my retirement. 🎩🪄🫡At least, a transition. From Magic, into the next great mysterious Life adventure.😃More rhapsodic reminisces for you in the weeks ahead⚡️, with some pics📷 of career highlights.😇 In the meantime, for one last time, a tip of the Magic Hat to ⭐️YOU😁 amazing Fantastical Friends, who have made it all worthwhile.👍👍⭐️THANK YOU.⭐️ From David Jolly "The Amazing Mr. J"...wishing you JOY and MAGIC, always.🎩🪄🕊🐇🐰🥰👍👍#APRILFOOLS!! #LovePerforming #LoveYOU #NotRetiring #NEVERRetiring#AvailableForBookings #Performing247ForLife #FullTimeEntertainer #FunGuaranteed #TravelAnywhere #AllAgesAllOccasions #BiggerAndBetterTricksOnTheWay #StillWritingThoseBooksThough #TheBestIsYetToCome ... See MoreSee Less
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Happy Hoppy Easter🐰, Magic Friends!🎩🪄Soak up the Spring☀️, Rejoice in Rejuvenation🤗, and Remember...YOUR Greatest Magic Power of all...Your Power to PARTY!🥳🎂🎊🎉👍Even with all the nutty nuisances of Life, you can always make Merry with your fantastic friends.🎶😄Kids, seen it firsthand, performing everywhere...something we all have in common: Everyone loves to Party.🎶😄👍So, Round up Your coolest compadres!⭐️May YOUR Easter Bunny Bash this weekend be filled with Joy🥰, Magic🎩🪄, and Chocolate.🍫#easter #party #magic #joy #chocolate ... See MoreSee Less
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Thank You, Cape Breton!❤️🙏IMAGINE: Your little 3 year old boy has just been diagnosed with a rare eye cancer.😪 You repeatedly have to fly to another country (from Croatia🇭🇷 to Switzerland🇨🇭, where you don't speak the language, plus have to take time off work), for specialized operations, plus multiple regular follow ups. Heartbreaking.💔 To help a childhood friend during their hour of need🙏, Busy Lizzy Sweets has been steadfastly baking bread and sweet goodies, plus they held a 50/50 draw (get this: today's winner even donated her winnings BACK to the little guy!) all to help little Marino and his family. Rita Campbell kindly donated the use of Millville community centre near Bras D'or, and with yours truly already on the Island for performances over the weekend, we decided to organize an extra fundraising Magic Show!🎩🪄 And all YOU big-hearted folks came out in big numbers to support!🤗We raised about $1000, and even more importantly for the hard-working Croatian🇭🇷 family, we are sending from Canada the gift of Love and HOPE.🙏🕊❤️🇨🇦Hoping now that little Marino👶🍼 will grow up to know that a whole kaboodle of kind Capers came together to help him.✨️ And for the family to know that they are loved.☀️As the Magical Cape Breton author Alistair MacLeod once wrote: "All of us are better when we're loved."🤗🎩🪄❤️🕊⭐️👍THANK YOU, Everyone.👍👍Here is Marino's story, and you can still help here: ... See MoreSee Less
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Wishing YOU a Magical International WOMEN'S DAY!⭐️👩❤️👍If you're a Woman, THANK YOU.🤗You gave us Life, and You make it so so so much BETTER.❤️If you're a Guy, wow, we are blessed!🙏My beloved Mom, Sister, Aunts, Grandmothers and Female Friends have all deeply enriched, and inspired, my life.❤️(Secret theory: From 25 years of performing shows, I suspect that women enjoy seeing Magic so much, because they are literally MADE of it).🎩🪄Grateful for Y'a#magic#strong#SmartM#cool##talentedm#womeno#internationalwomensdayt#thankyoulWomensDay #ThankYou ... See MoreSee Less
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The Amazing Mr. J performs for celebrities at VIP events, and loves sharing stories! He’s faced the Dragons on Dragons’ Den, entertained for CBC’s Peter Mansbridge, Gerry Dee (Mr. D), Lionel Richie, Natalie MacMaster, NHL stars, Hulk Hogan, Stan Lee, and many more!

“HOW the heck did you do THAT? That… was… amazing!” – Stan Lee, Toronto, August 2010