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Would you like your next Corporate Event, Gala, Wedding, University Party, Winter Carnival, Frosh, or Christmas Party to be the one everyone loves and remembers? “Make it MAGIC!” with The Amazing Mr. J – Canada’s Party Professional! (Your guests will thank you for years to come!)

Whether you desire a clean comedy magic stage show, a roving, mingling magic busker, or a charismatic MC, you can guarantee your guests will be gasping in amazement and laughing out loud with The Amazing Mr. J!

You’ll enjoy a high-energy show filled with baffling magical demonstrations, hilarious clean comedy, and lots of audience interaction! Whatever your imagination desires, The Amazing Mr. J can customize professional magic entertainment for YOU!

Performing nationwide since 1999, The Amazing Mr. J has made dozens of TV appearances…you may have seen him on CTV’s Mike Bullard Show, Live at Five, Breakfast Television, his own show on EastLink, or many other TV guest appearances. The Amazing Mr. J even faced the Dragons on CBC TV’s Dragons’ Den, luckily scoring a deal with the famously (infamously?) money-loving Kevin O’Leary! You can read Mr. J’s first published story inside Dragons’ Den/Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary’s newest #1 international bestseller (pages 123-133) “Cold Hard Truth on Family, Kids & Money”. (Thanks for publishing Mr. J, Mr. Wonderful!)

“Not bad, Mr. J, not bad! I should hire you as my portfolio manager!” – KEVIN O’LEARY, CBC TV’S DRAGONS’ DEN

The Amazing Mr. J has also entertained countless corporate clients, including Scotiabank, Sobeys, Michelin, Minolta, Shoppers Drug Mart, Superstore, EastLink, Wal~Mart, McDonald’s, Captain Submarine, A&W, Grinner’s Food Services, Forbes KIA, Steele Auto Group, and many more! Along with shows at Acadia University, MSVU, NSCC, and St. FX just to name a few, he’s also been hired by numerous famous celebrities, including Gerry Dee (star of CBC TV’s hit comedy Mr. D) for special VIP event performances. CBC’s Peter Mansbridge, Ron MacLean and Don Cherry, Jonathan Torrens, and Shaun Majumder, plus Natalie MacMaster, Rick Hansen, numerous Stanley Cup winners, Hulk Hogan, and even Stan Lee himself have all experienced The Amazing Mr. J performing live magic.

As a bonus, your guests will love hearing The Amazing Mr. J sharing these often hilarious celebrity encounter stories, including facing the Dragons on CBC TV’s Dragons’ Den, entertaining on stage with Hockey Night in Canada stars Ron MacLean and Don Cherry, and busking for Stan Lee! The Amazing Mr. J is your ‘Magician to the Stars’, and he can make YOUR next event magical too!

With over 350 shows each year across Canada, The Amazing Mr. J’s schedule fills fast, so book NOW before some other company or university takes your date! Limited availability, so remember to BOOK EARLY!

Feel free to call or e-mail anytime for a free quote, and to check remaining availability!

Your Magician to the Stars!

“HOW in the heck did you do THAT? That… was… amazing!” – STAN LEE, Marvel Comics Legend

“That was very impressive!” – PETER MANSBRIDGE, host of CBC TV’s ‘The National’ (1987-2017)

“I LOVE IT!!!!!!! David is the man.” – LIONEL RICHIE, Five-time Grammy Winner, Over 100 Million Records sold

“Dis balloon is what dis guy thinks of us, right here!” – DON CHERRY

“Yes, it’s like your ego, Don… slightly INFLATED!” – RON MacLEAN, at Hockey Day in Canada

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The Amazing
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Happy Thanksgiving to YOU! And y'know, even a turkey like MR. J knows the REAL MAGIC of this wonderful season...spending time with your family and friends. Especially, (as you can see here!), those with superb fashion sense! ;) Enjoy your Holiday, Magic Friends! 😀 ... See MoreSee Less

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You ever get one of those unintentionally hilarious, left-handed compliments?! After yesterday's Magic Birthday Show, a youngster said: "Wow! When you first came in, I thought: 'this is gonna be BORING!' BUT, your show was REALLY GOOD!" (Told him "Thanks! Really glad you weren't bored by Magic!") :P :) ... See MoreSee Less

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You know what makes birthdays MAGIC? A Birthday is YOUR personal OPPORTUNITY! Your once-a-year BIG CHANCE to CELEBRATE someone!! YOUR KIDS! YOUR FRIENDS! Or just to share with that super-cool someone in YOUR world, that you believe they are a true SUPER-HERO! Today, Mr. J salutes 'Strange Adventures' owner Calum Johnston's birthday. :) His decades of dedication to local artists, his crusading for countless charitable causes, and his promotion of reading make Canada's Comic King a man worth saluting! Side note: As you know, especially in this day and age of electronic distractions, literacy is more important than ever for your kids. If you are having a hard time getting your kids to pick up a book, take an early age, it was comic books that got Mr. J hooked on 'The Magic of Reading' it's a treat and a cheer that we still have such high quality local comic shops, with Captain Calum and his Strange Team at the helm! (As a passionate reader and lover of books, here's hoping your kids begin their own reading journey...if it helps you, at any of of Cal's three Strange locations, you can even pick up a FREE copy of The Amazing Mr. J's new comic!) As for today, wishing a Merry Magic Birthday to Cal, an inspiration to thousands and legit local hero. And remember, if you know someone with a birthday, use that as your personal chance to remind them of their awesomeness! (You don't have to make them a big, silly, goofy balloon...leave that to Mr. J!) :) #StrangeAdventures #Comics #GrandwayComics #MagicOfReading #Magic #Birthdays #AmazingMisterJ ... See MoreSee Less

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You know, did you ever notice how weird and wonderful...go together? Like 'Alice in Wonderland', a wacky, magical, dream...or meeting JEFF GOLDBLUM??!? (Can you imagine Jeff actually 'singing' in your ear??) After explaining to Jeff that my job is performing as a magician/entertainer for children, and then presenting the eccentric A-lister with balloon gifts from his hit movies (a dinosaur, and a fly!), along with some Grandway Comics, the jovial Jeff expressed joy and thanks. So I then asked him: "What do YOU think would make a fun, unusual picture?" Pausing, the famously offbeat superstar grinned like a Cheshire Cat, exclaiming: "Hmmmm!...OK...c'mere..." as the Hollywood legend started bizarrely squeezing the back of my neck (!), smiling, blowing in my ear (!?!), and then singing in a low, incoherent voice, (Pure absurd madness!!), just as the camera flashed! (You can see my laughter in our picture together). Then the wonderfulness continued...though the Jurassic Park star kept The Fly balloon, and the comics, he strangely left me the dinosaur...but that was perfect, since I could then gift it to a nearby little girl, who was excitedly eyeing it. Weird and wonderful, wedded as one! Bottom Line: You know, overall, we are ALL may YOU personally always celebrate the Magic of YOUR individuality! In these topsy-turvy times, remember to embrace your inner magic...Your Weird is Wonderful! :) #JeffGoldblum #AmazingMisterJ #Magician #Magic #BalloonArt #GrandwayComics #Weird #Wonderful ... See MoreSee Less

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Hey Magic Friends! What are your favourite childhood SOUNDS?? Jolly Christmas cheer? Fun with family? (Maybe even the merry madness of a Mr. J Magic Show?!) How about the VOICES from your favourite TV CARTOONS? Recently honoured to make Magic Balloons for Canadian legend PETER CULLEN, the original voice of OPTIMUS PRIME (!), Eeyore, Predator, and hundreds more, along with FRANK WELKER, the voice of Fred from Scooby-Doo, plus Scooby himself (!), along with Garfield, Hefty Smurf, Baby Kermit, Transformers' Megatron & Soundwave, Simpsons' Santa's Little Helper, Futurama's Nibbler, The Hulk, and even the memorably sepulchral villainous voice of DR. KLAW, from Inspector Gadget! Basically if you watched ANY cartoon show EVER over the last 50 years, from Gummi Bears to Gargoyles, from Smurfs to Simpsons, from Real Ghostbusters to heard one of their THOUSANDS of cartoon creations! They even did some original recordings, in character, for yours truly, Mr. J! (!) Warm, very engaging to converse with, and hilarious in person, they actually got down on the floor, on their knees with me (three grown adults!) to play with my toys, and balloon gifts. Truly a Magical Experience in Toronto, to spend time with the talents behind the soundtrack to our shared childhood. Thought you'd be pleased to know the men who shaped all your personal cartoon memories...are magical class acts! :) ... See MoreSee Less

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The Amazing Mr. J performs for celebrities at VIP events, and loves sharing stories! He’s faced the Dragons on Dragons’ Den, entertained for CBC’s Peter Mansbridge, Gerry Dee (Mr. D), Lionel Richie, Natalie MacMaster, NHL stars, Hulk Hogan, Stan Lee, and many more!

“HOW the heck did you do THAT? That… was… amazing!” – Stan Lee, Toronto, August 2010