The Amazing Mr. J performs magic for Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, and the cast of Back to the Future! (November 2018):

The Amazing Mr. J performs magic for a childhood hero, the man behind Sesame Street’s Big Bird & Oscar the Grouch, who is retiring after 50 years. (Caroll Spinney’s Dad is also from New Brunswick!) He gave me an actual Big Bird feather, a gift to treasure forever. (October 2018):

The Amazing Mr. J writes a tribute to the music, and magic, of Stan Rogers (StanFest 20th Anniversary – June 2016):

The Amazing Mr. J presents ‘Back to the Future’ Magic Party for Parkinsons! (Charity event – October 2015):

“Mike Robinson and The Amazing Mr. J show, hosted by Lenore Zann” (April 2015)

“Music & Magic fundraiser for Mental Health” (April 2015)

The Amazing Mr. J presents ‘Music & Magic for Mental Health’ (Charity event – April 2015):

The Amazing Mr. J interviewed at Billy Joel concert (Québec City newspaper, front page, July 2014):

The Amazing Mr. J – CTV interview at Billy Joel concert (July 2014):   (The Amazing Mr. J interviewed at 2:14)

The Amazing Mr. J meets Prince Charles & Camilla (May 2014):

The Amazing Mr. J – Houdini Séance performance, atop Citadel Hill, Halifax NS (Hallowe’en 2013):

Mr. J’s Houdini Séance Articles:

The Amazing Mr. J on CBC TV’s Dragons’ Den (2013)
Halifax audition:

Mr. J on CBC TV’s Dragons’ Den Articles:
“Truro Resident on Dragons’ Den This Fall” (March 2013)
“Truro Man Auditions for Dragons’ Den” (February 2013)

Following a successful publishing deal with CBC Dragon Kevin O’Leary, you can read The Amazing Mr. J’s story in Kevin’s #1 International Bestselling Book- ‘Cold Hard Truth on Family, Kids & Money’ (pgs 123-133):

The Amazing Mr. J (at 0:04)- Reveen TV commercial (November 2012):

The Amazing
   Mr. J ON

Happy Father's Day! Y'know, though I haven't yet been blessed with my own children, I'm lucky enough to perform for thousands every year. Well, one such youngster made me very happy at today's birthday show, presenting me with a 'fan letter' upon my arrival (see attached), which he wrote after having seen me perform once before. Humbling to think that my few hours spent with a youngster could leave such an all the MORE credit to all YOU full-time DADs, who give love and support for a full LIFETIME! Always remember the influence you have is REAL MAGIC. (Certainly has been the case with my own Dad, The Original and Most-Amazing Mr. J!) Here's to our Dads!! :) ... See MoreSee Less

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The Amazing Mr. J is LIVE in Toronto, making balloons for the kiddies in Jurassic Park!! (As you can imagine, it's so cute seeing little five-year-olds happily exclaiming: "Go Raptors!!") Good news for YOU- I will be waving the Magic Wand for Canada's Team tonight! (Heading back tomorrow for some Wednesday Magic Shows in the Maritimes, so I'm hoping our team can do it tonight!) Y'know, the TO streets here are abuzz with feelings of positivity, bringing our entire amazing nation feels like New Year's Eve. What an experience...the kindness of so many strangers I've met here makes for instant new real Magic! Wherever you personally are enjoying the Big Game, we are all connected as Canadians. (My brother is watching live from Japan!) Have yourself a Party, and GO RAPTORS!!😀😁🥰 ... See MoreSee Less

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Story for you! Little boy (about 3 or 4) in the audience at a Magic Birthday Show this weekend was LAUGHING so hard, he was holding his belly, and couldn't even sit up anymore! (Sorry I don't have a picture of him...he was watching the show while I was busy performing, but you can imagine!) He was so overcome with natural giggling and joy, he fell over to his side...hitting his head on the floor! He hit pretty hard too. All attending adults were concerned of course, and you've all seen these situations, (and we've been in them as kids ourselves)...when we get hurt and we have the choice that we can possibly exaggerate the hurt to prolong the attention, or ignore it and move on. Well, it was like magic here...the poor little fellow did hit his head, and had every right to receive attention and to be soothed after falling over. However, here's the thing- it seemed there were some wheels turning in his little brain...something that told him in a quick inner-monologue: "Hmmmm, that really hurt...I *could* give in to my throbbing head pain, cry loudly, and have everyone rush over here...but if I do that, I'll miss the Magic Show!" So what did he do? He ignored the (legitimate!) bump on his head, sat back up...and within mere seconds, he was laughing hysterically again! Besides being adorable, and a fun little scene that some parents mentioned to me, there's a Magic Message here too. And a lesson for our life. That is: WE CAN ALWAYS CHOOSE JOY! Y'know, we all face inevitable pain and petty annoyances, but naturally, we have the POWER, we have the PERSONAL CHOICE, what we DO with that. This fun-loving, jolly, roly-poly little youngster chose JOY. He wasn't gonna let anything ruin his good time! What a wonderful, magical lesson, all from a happy child. Whenever possible, may we all always CHOOSE that same path to joy! :) ... See MoreSee Less

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Y'know what's really cool? Seeing your friend's at the exact SAME age that YOU YOURSELF were...when you MET your now-adult friend! (Happy Birthday little Skye...such a pleasure to perform magic for her...her Dad and I met in Primary!) A reminder that time flies like treasure every day! :) "As children, we all live in a world of imagination, of fantasy, and for some of us that world continues into adulthood." - Jim Henson ... See MoreSee Less

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Can you personally remember the joy you felt, when you had your picture featured on a special wall, or say, printed in the newspaper? Felt overjoyed to hear that the little girl who graces the back cover of the new 'Amazing Mr. J Comic Book' discovered her star outing by surprise, when her friend randomly showed her a copy! (After receiving permission to use the photo after a Magic Birthday Show for her last December, I had planned to tell the family she was now featured in the new Mr. J Grandway Comic- though before I could, the youngster discovered it by this happy surprise!) THOUSANDS of these comics have now made their way into the hands of kids and adults throughout Atlantic Canada, so I hope she feels like the star she is! Here's the wonderful e-mail I received from her Mom: "Hi Mr. J! I just wanted to let you know that Sammy got a copy of your comic book from a friend who was at the McDonalds in Tantallon this week. She was so excited, and proud, to see herself on the back cover with you. She took it to school today for Show and Tell.
It reminded us how awesome her birthday was and how special you made her feel on her special day :) Take Care. Brittany Pottie" :)
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The Amazing
   Mr. J ON


The Amazing Mr. J performs for celebrities at VIP events, and loves sharing stories! He’s faced the Dragons on Dragons’ Den, entertained for CBC’s Peter Mansbridge, Gerry Dee (Mr. D), Lionel Richie, Natalie MacMaster, NHL stars, Hulk Hogan, Stan Lee, and many more!

“HOW the heck did you do THAT? That… was… amazing!” – Stan Lee, Toronto, August 2010