The Amazing Mr. J performs magic for Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, and the cast of Back to the Future! (November 2018):

The Amazing Mr. J performs magic for a childhood hero, the man behind Sesame Street’s Big Bird & Oscar the Grouch, who is retiring after 50 years. (Caroll Spinney’s Dad is also from New Brunswick!) He gave me an actual Big Bird feather, a gift to treasure forever. (October 2018):

The Amazing Mr. J writes a tribute to the music, and magic, of Stan Rogers (StanFest 20th Anniversary – June 2016):

The Amazing Mr. J presents ‘Back to the Future’ Magic Party for Parkinsons! (Charity event – October 2015):

“Mike Robinson and The Amazing Mr. J show, hosted by Lenore Zann” (April 2015)

“Music & Magic fundraiser for Mental Health” (April 2015)

The Amazing Mr. J presents ‘Music & Magic for Mental Health’ (Charity event – April 2015):

The Amazing Mr. J interviewed at Billy Joel concert (Québec City newspaper, front page, July 2014):

The Amazing Mr. J – CTV interview at Billy Joel concert (July 2014):   (The Amazing Mr. J interviewed at 2:14)

The Amazing Mr. J meets Prince Charles & Camilla (May 2014):

The Amazing Mr. J – Houdini Séance performance, atop Citadel Hill, Halifax NS (Hallowe’en 2013):

Mr. J’s Houdini Séance Articles:

The Amazing Mr. J on CBC TV’s Dragons’ Den (2013)
Halifax audition:

Mr. J on CBC TV’s Dragons’ Den Articles:
“Truro Resident on Dragons’ Den This Fall” (March 2013)
“Truro Man Auditions for Dragons’ Den” (February 2013)

Following a successful publishing deal with CBC Dragon Kevin O’Leary, you can read The Amazing Mr. J’s story in Kevin’s #1 International Bestselling Book- ‘Cold Hard Truth on Family, Kids & Money’ (pgs 123-133):

The Amazing Mr. J (at 0:04)- Reveen TV commercial (November 2012):

The Amazing
   Mr. J ON

A Magic Meal 🍗🥦🍅🌽 with your Kitchen Magician, The Amazing Mr. J (and Angus!)😀🎩❤ If lockdown makes you loopy, at least you're not dealing with a dummy. 😋 Enjoy your day, Friends!👍#cooking #kitchen #magic #magician #amazingmisterj #davidjolly #dummy #fussyeater #whatcanyoudo ... See MoreSee Less
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When covid keeps you IN, let YOUR Inner Child OUT!😉❤ Call a friend or sibling, and talk Silly talk. Dust off an old board you deeply loved as a child. Embrace Your Wonder. Embrace Your Playtime. We all need creative outlets...see the world as Your 'Adult Playground.' "It takes a very long time to become young." -Pablo Picasso. "There is no such thing as an 'adult'. An adult is a COSTUME. It's a mask and mannerism that a kid puts on, in order to make it through LIFE!" - Dick Van Dyke. Times are tough, but SO ARE YOU.❤ Wishing you personally a weekend of joy, alacrity, and MAGIC.😀🎩👍 #Love #Magic #Wonder #Magician #AmazingMisterJ #DavidJolly #RudyTheRedNosedRabbit #BirthdayParty #InnerChild #AdultPlayground #EmbraceYourSilly ... See MoreSee Less
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To YOU- my wonderful treasured Friends who are also Moms, and to my own Amazing Mother, Carol...I LOVE YOU. ❤ Thank you for being LIFETIME Frontline Workers. You are Heroes. And though Mr. J performs Magic for parties, YOU are the TRUE Magicians. All year round. As a gesture of thanks, Mr. J has cooked you dinner! This little video is dedicated to YOU, with Love. From both Mr. J & Angus: "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!" 😀🎩❤🤱👍 #HappyMothersDay #Magic #Magician #AmazingMisterJ #DavidJolly #BirthdayParty #Mothers #Heroes #Grateful #Love #ThankYou ... See MoreSee Less
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YOUR MAGIC Life Lesson! As you "stay the blazes home', never let your Magic Rabbit provide your lockdown groceries! 😋🎩Still, hope you continue to count your blessings, know you are Loved, and let's keep Life's MAGIC alive.❤👍#DavidJolly #AmazingMisterJ #Magician #Magic #BirthdayParties #RudyTheRedNosedRabbit #MagicRabbit #BadBunny #StayTheBlazesHome #Groceries #WhyMe #NeedACanOpener www ... See MoreSee Less
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May the 4th Be With YOU! Hilariously, when introducing my Magic Rabbit to Chewbacca, she continually clambered and climbed out of her Magic Hat, excitedly trying to meet her new furry friend! (Jedi instincts??) Whether we are all bound by The Force, the Mystery of Magic, or just being Nova Scotia Strong, the Covid Empire doesn't stand a chance...we will win...keep the faith, and let's all keep shining as bright as lightsabres, fellow Rebel Heroes! #maythe4thbewithyou #StarWars #magic #magician #davidjolly #theamazingmisterj #jedi #beingquarantinedathomeislikebeingondagobah ... See MoreSee Less
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The Amazing Mr. J performs for celebrities at VIP events, and loves sharing stories! He’s faced the Dragons on Dragons’ Den, entertained for CBC’s Peter Mansbridge, Gerry Dee (Mr. D), Lionel Richie, Natalie MacMaster, NHL stars, Hulk Hogan, Stan Lee, and many more!

“HOW the heck did you do THAT? That… was… amazing!” – Stan Lee, Toronto, August 2010