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The Amazing
   Mr. J ON

After performing a school Magic Show in beautiful PEI, had to visit the legendary Stompin' Tom Museum!⭐️🤠👢🇨🇦 And you eagle-eyed viewers can see a newspaper article in my hands (amidst my tribute display of records)...it's Ian Gosbee, a very talented musician who just received a well-deserved ECMA Stompin' Tom award! Met Ian when he hired me for his daughter's birthday in March, and have been a fan ever since. Glad he's proudly carrying on the Magical Musical legacy of our beloved Stompin' Tom!⭐️❤️🎵🎶🎩🪄👍The Amazing Mr. J - Magician & Entertainer at Stompin' Tom Museum, in Skinner's Pond sent in this picture congratulating me on the Stompin Tom East Coast Music Association (ECMA) Award. I'm on the front cover of the newspaper. You're the best Amazing Mr. J! #ECMA #princeedwardisland #pei #magician #magic #Amazing ... See MoreSee Less
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Didja know the famous OAK ISLAND TREASURE, has been found?!🤗🏴‍☠️🪙❗️Just performed at the world-renowned location for a corporate event. New Magic tricks🎩🪄, new shoes😋✨️👞, and a new audience (many of whom told me they had never seen a Magic Show before).😮You talk about a golden group!🥇💛 They were true gems. Sparkling like diamonds at every trick.💎💫👌As you know, for hundreds of years, folks have spent millions of dollars (and dozens of lives), digging in the dirt...for unknown riches that may (or may not) even be there.🤪🙄😋Meanwhile, on the surface of Oak Island- thanks to an electric audience- We all experienced a buoyant evening of laughter, fun, and connection.🥰 Pure Magic.🎩🪄Goes to show, you don't have engage in endless shoveling, and ripping up the land for your riches. (Hey, it's Earth Day🌎...why do that anyway?)😋❓️⭐️Here's the thing: If YOU have friends, family, and folks to have fun with...you're already a billionaire.💰💶🪙👌You've foun#magic&#treasuree#oakisland👍#funa#joy##RichBeyondMeasured #Fun #Joy #RichBeyondMeasure ... See MoreSee Less
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IMAGINE!🤔😮🤗😃You're invited to entertain for THREE GENERATIONS❗️, all at the SAME TIME! (‼️) A youngster turning 10🥳, proud Grandfather turning 60⭐️, and even prouder Great-Grandmother turning 90 (🥰‼️)...with all three of their milestone birthdays lining up together (like a FAMILY-ECLIPSE🌞🌛)Y'know, this made history...the first TRIPLE (‼️) birthday in over 25 years of performing.A big thank you to Janice Mackenzie, for inviting me to entertain for her cross-generational Family House Party.🙂Oh, and y'all may remember a recent April Fools post about "retiring"😅...again, to reiterate...that was just an April 1st gag!😋And you know WHY ole Mr. J won't EVER be retiring?🤔❓️Here's why: A deep LOVE of meeting new people.🥰🤝Making positive connections.🙏 Hearing people's stories!⭐️These past few weekends, have met dozens of cool folks: a commercial pilot✈️, an international business owner🏗, and a talented writer with her first published book due this fall.📚 So! Cool people like yourself, and all other the first class folks, will keep the Magic goin' forever!🎩🪄✨️Didja know the World's oldest man died earlier this month?😮❗️ Juan Vicente Pérez Mora was 114 (He was almost 115!) ‼️So, you can bet Mr. J will STILL be performing AT LEAST until then (crossing my fingers, toes, and heart).❤️It'll be easy, if so many of ⭐️YOU⭐️ Fantastic Folks⭐️ keep up your encouraging reviews like these recent ones:"Just a final thank you for the incredible performance this morning. Everyone had an absolute blast and the comments were endless. You are so talented and amazing with the kiddos! We will highly recommend you to anyone looking for a fantastic party experience!" -Tabitha & Sean SOBEY, Middle Sackville, NS (April 2024)"Hi David! Thanks so much again for the fabulous show today at Marigold’s party!Our oldest daughter Celeste is now requesting you for her 9th birthday happening at the end of the month!!"-Dean & Laura Sullivan, Halifax (April 2024)"This was, BY FAR, the EASIEST birthday party I've ever done!" -Erin & Rob MacNeil, Dartmouth (April 2024)Thank YOU as always, for your kind support and all-around awesomeness, ⭐️Magic Friends!!⭐️🎩🪄✨️🤗👍👍 ... See MoreSee Less
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⭐️***MAJOR IMPORTANT UPDATE!***⭐️‼️Reports of Mr. J's "retirement" have been greatly exaggerated! 😋​ 🎩🪄‼️Of course, yesterday was April 1st.🤡Hence, a gag post about "packing it in"...that was April Foolishness!😜(See the hashtags at the end of that post #AprilFools). 🤡🤡🤡Looks like YOURS TRULY might be the FOOL, though🤪🤡🤪...since after that post, the entire day yesterday‼️ was then spent reassuring folks that Mr. J isn't going anywhere...the Magic is still going strong!❤️🎩🪄💪⭐️STILL AVAILABLE for YOUR Magic Birthday Parties, House Parties for Adults, Corporate Events, Schools, Campgrounds, Malls, Weddings, Fund-Raisers, and MORE!😃🎊🎉🎂🥳👍Those of you who ⭐️Fantastic Folks⭐️ who thought it was legit: Feeling touched by a tidal wave of overwhelmingly kind "retirement well-wishes"...you truly moved my heart.🥰☺️Rest assured, the Best is yet to come! New Magic tricks, new prizes...Much More MAGIC in the future!🤗😄🎩🪄⭐️You know, 2024 is already been the biggest year yet- looking forward to bringing the fun to YOU!🙏⚡️👍So to be clear: Still going strong!🎆💪Mr. J doesn't even know the meaning of that word...what is it again?🤔❓️"Reeeee-tire-ment??⁉️" Pfft!😅😅❤️THANK YOU SO MUCH❤️for all your deeply kind words, though! You made me wish for a second that was legit!😋🤭Planning a Party? Make it MAGIC!⭐️🎩🪄👍#AprilFools #TheJokesOnMe! #StillGoing!#Magic #AllAges #AllOccasions ... See MoreSee Less
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The Amazing Mr. J performs for celebrities at VIP events, and loves sharing stories! He’s faced the Dragons on Dragons’ Den, entertained for CBC’s Peter Mansbridge, Gerry Dee (Mr. D), Lionel Richie, Natalie MacMaster, NHL stars, Hulk Hogan, Stan Lee, and many more!

“HOW the heck did you do THAT? That… was… amazing!” – Stan Lee, Toronto, August 2010